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Marketing is facing the literal deadline #Madex2017 @MadexExpo @MarkexSA

Marketing is facing the literal deadline By Nick Sarnadas, event director: Madex 2017, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery Expo expert extraordinaire, Nick Sarnadas is the Madex 2017 event director at Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery. With enough coffee, Nick feels that all things are possible – they might be highly unlikely, but they are possible. There has been a […]

Gain marketing muscle at #Madex2017; free pre-registration is now open @MadexExpo @MarkexSA

Do you ever feel like all you have learnt, know and do is suddenly and without warning being turned upside down? Do you sit in traffic and wonder is dark traffic and why does it matter so much? Then you ponder why are you even sitting in traffic when everything seems to be happening in […]

Trend Article: Why a fool and his knowledge are soon parted with #FakeNews #Madex2017 @MadexExpo @MarkexSA

Trend Article: Why a fool and his knowledge are soon parted with Fake News By Nick Sarnadas | Event Director: Madex 2017, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery Hey, did you hear about the one about Pope Francis shocking the world by endorsing Donald Trump for president? He even released a statement! And, oh my gosh, this story […]

Markex and Madex 2017 show support for the homeless with @StreetSleeperSA #Madex2017 @MadexExpo @MarkexSA

Calling all visitors and exhibitors of the Markex and Madex 2017 events; it’s your opportunity to spread the love – and the warmth – this winter. Organiser of the Markex and co-located Madex 2017 shows, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery has pledged its support to Street Sleeper, an organisation that makes survival sleeping bags for the homeless […]

Chef Wayne Walkinshaw presents plated perfection at Valley Lodge & Spa #DineJoziStyle #TravelJoziStyle

Chef Wayne Walkinshaw presents plated perfection at Valley Lodge & Spa. Valley Lodge & Spa is a jewel in the Magaliesburg that is a deserving travel destination for any discerning traveler. Unfortunately, I found their dining options unambitious. The food has always been good, but for Valley Lodge & Spa to become a foodie destination […]

Kia Johnson named ambassador of Saint Champagne Bar & Lounge

RADIO AND TV PERSONALITY KIA JOHNSON NAMED AS BRAND AMBASSADOR OF NEW CAPE TOWN HOTSPOT, SAINT CHAMPAGNE BAR & LOUNGE Summer season is in full swing and there’s a lavish new hotspot in The Mother City, Saint Champagne Bar & Lounge, set to dazzle Cape Town audiences over the festive season. If you want to […]

Balducci brings Italian excellence @balduccis_ct @VandAWaterfront

At Balducci the food is based on the essentially Italian notion that the best food is found at home.  And so Balducci have created a home and their pleasure is the joy of family and friends who love what they do.    Balducci have a simple philosophy; to provide a memorable experience by redefining the […]

Get your tickets for #CliffCentralCarols @GoldReefCitySA

The festive season is almost here and what better way to kick it off than with a fresh, funky “Cliffmas” Carols end-of-year sing-along? Whatever you celebrate, come and celebrate with Gareth Cliff and the crew for a fun family night out and lend support to a worthy cause. Gareth is launching the holiday season with […]

Sun City relaunches after R1-Billion makeover #NewSunCity @SunCityResortSA #TravelJoziStyle

SUN CITY RELAUNCHES AFTER R1-BILLION UPGRADE New suite of major attractions, revamped convention facilities opened On a hot December day in 1979, Sun International turned every notion of leisure and entertainment in South Africa on its head with the launch of Sun City. Rising from the dusty African bush, what has now become an icon […]

Mosaic celebrating 10 years @MosaicatOrient

Mosaic celebrating 10 years @MosaicatOrient Restaurant Mosaic have always been passionate about romance and celebrating excellence in food and wine, embracing all things beautiful while being dedicated to achieving perfection. In celebration of their ten year anniversary, they have remodeled the restaurant interiors, adding additional historical Art Nouveau detail and a fresh new approach to […]

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