The team at are an absolute pleasure to work with as they exploit all digital marketing opportunities through social media and content creation which even they share on their radio show. For a publicist, it’s PR gold!
Edward Chamberlain-Bell designed my website- I am thrilled with it. He is highly competent, most efficient, and always available to discuss ideas, changes and offer advice. He takes pride in everything he does offering website design, hosting, digital marketing and social media management. I highly recommend EDWARD CHAMBERLAIN-BELL!
Since I started hosting my website with I have never looked back. Their service is amazing and the support I received is prompt and very helpful. I have compared their prices and services with other hosting companies and’s rank high on my list. I will definitely continue hosting with them. offers excellent service and technical support, which was great for me as I have no idea how websites work and they are always been easy to get hold of and to talk to (Edward also has tons of patience) to help me learn and also in order to sort out any problems. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you.
I was having continual internet and email outages with my previous service provider, and they were very hard to contact when I needed them. Now that I’ve changed to, I find that the service is great, and so is their communication, which is making life much easier for me as a small business owner.
I originally won web hosting from, and within months upgraded my package with them. Paying for a domain and hosting was a big step in the development of my website and I’m glad that hosts my site. Whenever I have a question, I know it’ll get answered quickly. Thanks for the great service – you are the best!

The service here is great. I was looking for a low cost web hosting site that met my needs and didn’t leave me without the essentials that I needed. I found everything right here at Registration was fast and my domain was up and running in no time. Technical support is fast and prompt. I would highly recommend to anybody wanting their own domain and webpage. Just wanted to say, thanks for the quality service and reliability of your hosting services. I wouldn’t dare think of moving my website anywhere else and I would recommend you to everyone that asks me for hosting services.

Edward is very knowledgeable in his field with a strong focus on professionalism. I learnt about interconnecting multiple social media platforms (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) for maximum exposure and about targeted writing based on most popular Google searches. I had previous exposure with Facebook and Twitter but I will now be engaging more with Linkedin and perhaps start a blog. I will use Linkedin for contacting spokespeople for stories and will guard in separating my private and professional life online. Leon Steenkamp / Senior Journalist Media24
Edward is a good speaker that kept my attention. He has good insight into the different uses for social media in a professional / media environment. I have a better understanding of the way social media functions and how to stay relevant so the company could benefit from effective use of social media. I enjoyed the overview Edward gave to the different uses for social media platforms and learning about SEO. Carina Roux / Photographer Media24
Edward gives great ideas and solutions to our problems. I feel better about using Twitter and Linkedin. I did not understand their potential very well before. Michele Isaacs / NBUitgewers
Edward does overload the listener with info but I managed to hang on. A new world has opened to me- exactly what I was looking for. Social media is important, Twitter is valuable, Facebook can be more than just personal. Invaluable for a journalist. Andre Bakkes / Journalist Media24
I was a beginner when it comes to social media therefore this course was very useful for me. It introduced me to the basics: how to research using Google Adwords (I had never heard of it before), link media if you have a business page eg. Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Keep your urls short and and content is king. Bianca Hooley / Brand Manager Media24
Online pr sence is very important to help build yr brand . You need to be on the right online platform that meets the needs of your brand. It should also be consistent and carry the voice of the brand and not the individual Karmien Kruth / Art Director Design24
One must be sensitive and aware of writing and graphic material used to attract your market. To be consistent, relevant, and valuable in your brand’s language and to follow up on your markets response. Importance of the hash tag with Twitter! Enabled me to incorporate our business’ corporate image on the social media platforms. Bernard Vorster / Graphic Designer Design24


  • Social Media
  • Google Adwords
  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Shareable Content
  • Domain Registration


Web Design

A great website is the foundation of all your online marketing efforts. It should be responsive for online & mobile browsing, and convert visitors into customers. Now get ready to convert!

SEO Optimisation

An SEO optimised website pops out of the one billion other websites on the internet. Google likes websites that pop with good SEO. If Google likes it, we like it. We never endorse black hat SEO.

Google Adwords

Google accounts for 80% of online searches. Results are targeted for users so any Adwords campaign can deliver powerful leads. We can control the targetting, delivery & budgets.

Social Media

Social media marketing is not conventional advertising but can promote your brand online. It's not free so always consider which social networks can grown your business.

Content Marketing

Don't just offer your visitors a sales pitch, offer them an experience that they will want to share online with their social networks. Make it effortless by adding an obvious share widget!

Integrate It All!

All of the above are excellent online marketing strategies but when they're integrated you are marketing on steroids. Integration also requires less time spreading the word online.
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