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Edward Chamberlain-Bell Digital Marketing & PR

We create dynamic digital campaigns to increase your brand exposure online.

Our experience includes ten years in sales, digital marketing, and media engagement. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to reach sales targets while reducing expenses when launching your brand or product online.

ChamberlainBell is headed by Edward Chamberlain-Bell whose experience includes presenting digital marketing workshops, content creation for assorted media platforms, and event management.

Edward has written for Mens Health, GQ, The Star, Prive, Forbes, and ESPN. He’s produced and presented radio inserts on 702, Radio Today Johannesburg, and SAFM. He’s presented digital marketing workshops to Media 24, Primemedia, Markex, and the P.P.C Food Agency Hospitality Industry Seminar.

Our portfolio includes clients in the restaurant, hospitality, spa, skincare, and travel industry. Our most recent campaigns include work for The Grillroom & Sushi Bar, The Hussar Grill, La Rosa Mexican grille (Montecasino), Malt Barrel & Fire, and Ponta Portuguese Inspire Restaurant.

If you are looking for a digital marketing and PR agency that can execute your marketing campaigns within budget and a rapid turnaround time, you want to contact us today.

We are going to take your digital marketing to the next level!